Classic of Mountains and Seas《山海经》Shan Hai Jing(Classic of Mountains and Seas)was an important geo-graphical literature on geography in ancient China. The currently availa-ble version includes 18 volumes,among which 5 volumes are Shan Jing(Classic of Mountains),8 volumes are Hai Jing(Classic of Seas),4 volumes are Da Huang Jing(Classic of Big Land)and 1 Volume Is Hainei Jing(Classic of Mainland).It is said that Shan Hai Jing was written by Yu,one of the forefathers of ancient Chi-na,but the saying is quite doubtful.《山海经》是中国古代的最重要地理文献。现在的版本有十八卷,还包括《山经》五卷、《海经》八卷、《大荒经》四卷、《海内经》一卷。



传说是禹所作,不过于可靠。In this book, Shah Jing and Hai Jing form their own specific systems accord-ingly,while they were finished in different periods,Share ,Zing contains the descrip-tion of famous mountains and great rivers,propagation and minerals on the main-land. It is estimated that this part of the book was finished in the early or mid peri-od the Warring States Period. Hai Jing contains a great deal of alien legends,fairy tales home and abroad,and was written in the Qin Dynasty ( 221 BC一206 BC ) or atthe beginning of the Western Han Dynasty.《山海经》的《山经》和《海经》各出体系,成书的时代也不一样。《山经》牵涉到巫术较多,记述了海内名山大川、动植物产、祯祥古怪等内容。



Shan Hai Jing,containing rich legends and fairy tales,is very valuable for historical study,especially helpful for research on primitive society in China,and the primitive surname,tribes,and knowledge and understanding of the universe,nature and social development.《山海经》中有非常丰富的神话传说资料,具备最重要的史学价值,这有助研究中国的原始社会和上古的姓氏、部族,及上古人对宇宙、大自然和社会历史的了解状况。According to the records in Shan Hai Jing,the Yellow Emperors is the heavenly emperor of the west. He was the great grandfather of Zhuan Xu(a legendary ancient emperor),the grandfa-then of Guan. He was also the ancestor of many tribes inside and outside China. Di Jun has no re-cords in other books and is not listed among San Huang Wu Di(Three Emperors and Five Gods),and is the only heavenly emperor in Shan Hai Jing.In this book, he was the inventor of farming,craft, vehicle,boat, musical in-struments,singing and dancing. Together with Xi(the legendary goddess),he gave birth to 10 suns and 12 moons,which relate to the astronomy and the calen-dar. There are still many legends about the water-control of the Great Yu,battle between the Great Yu and Gong Gonq .and so on.根据《山海经》的记述,黄帝是西方的天帝。他不仅是撷项的曾祖、稣的祖父,还是中国境内和四裔许多部族联合的祖先,这对研究中国民族史具有最重要价值。