The Australian computer scientist claiming to be the enigmatic founder of bitcoin has backtracked on promises to prove his identity, claiming he did not have the “courage” to do so in the face of intense scrutiny.自称为是比特币谜样创始人的澳大利亚计算机科学家已交还证明自己身份的允诺,称之为在森严注目之下他没“勇气”这样做到。Craig Wrighthad promised to provide evidence to support his claim earlier this week to have created bitcoin in 2008 using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The announcement by the self-styled security expert sparked scepticism among tech experts globally, given the enduring mystery surrounding the creation of the crypto currency.克雷格赖特(Craig Wright)在本周早些时候称之为,他在2008年化名“中本俊”(Satoshi Nakamoto)建构了比特币,他曾允诺要获取证据反对这一众说纷纭。这位自称为网络安全专家的公告引起了全球科技专家的猜测,因为环绕这种加密货币的建构仍疑云布满。

In a blog post on his website entitled “I’m sorry”, Mr Wright said he was “not strong enough” to face allegations about his qualifications and character that were emerging. He said he would not now publish the proof that he has access to the keys to the digital currency.赖特的网站上公开发表了一篇标题为“对不起”的博客文章,他在文中回应自己“过于坚毅”,无法面临大大浮出水面的关于他的资历和性格的指控。他回应,他现在会发布自己需要提供比特币秘钥的证据。He acknowledged this would damage his supporters, including Gavin Andresen, the former chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation who has more recently begun to question his initial backing of Mr Wright’s claim.他否认这不会损害到他的支持者,其中还包括比特币基金会(Bitcoin Foundation)前首席科学家加文安德烈森(Gavin Andresen),安德烈森近日开始批评自己最初对赖特声明的反对。

Jon Matonis, a founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, also supported Mr Wright. Yesterday, he appeared to stand by the Australian entrepreneur with a tweet that said: “There won’t be an on-chain signing from early bitcoin blocks, but there also won’t be another Satoshi.”比特币基金会创始人乔恩马托尼斯(Jon Matonis)仍然反对赖特。昨天他在Twitter上发消息称之为,之后信任这位澳大利亚企业家:“会经常出现早期比特币区块链的亲笔签名,但也会经常出现另一个中本俊。”Mr Wright said in his post: “They were not deceived but I know that the world will never believe me now.”赖特在博文中写到:“他们没被骗,但我告诉世界从此仍然坚信我。”Mr Wright seems to suggest in the blog that he is sill standing by the claim, which is likely to fan speculation on the identity of the anonymous founder.赖特或许在博文中似乎他仍坚决这一声明,这可能会引发对电子邮件创始人身份的猜测。

“I believed that I could put the years of anonymity and hiding behind me. But as the events of this week unfolded and I prepared to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys, I broke. I do not have the courage. I cannot.”“我曾坚信我可以舍弃多年的电子邮件和隐蔽。但随着本周事态的发展,随着我打算公开发表采访最先秘钥的证据,我朋克了。我没这个勇气。我做到将近。

”Mr Wright had said he could show a transfer of bitcoin from “an early block” and “independently verifiable documents” after earlier evidence he provided was questioned as it bore similarity to a 2009 bitcoin transaction.由于赖特较早前获取的证据被批评与2009年一笔比特币交易相近,他曾回应可以展出从“一个早期区块”移往比特币,并获取“可独立国家检验的文档”。