Google co-founders and Silicon Valley billionaires try to live foreverGoogle牵头创始人们的永生不死之路One hundred and fifty thousand people die every day, reports Tad Friend of The New Yorker in the article, The God Pill: Silicon Valleys quest for eternal life.纽约客创作者泰德?弗兰德在《上帝之药:硅谷亿万富翁们的长生美梦》一文中提道:“每日大概有十五万人病亡。”The urge to combat aging, especially among the affluent, is an old one, but new technological breakthroughs can make the prospect seem tantalizingly close.每个人都会与细胞凋亡应对,尤其是在是这些有钱人,这早就并不是新鮮的话题讨论了,但最近的科研成果却让这类憧憬看起来近在咫尺。Friend joins Nobel Prize-winning scientists, icons of the entertainment industry such as Goldie Hawn and Moby, and tech billionaires like Google co-founder Sergey Brin, for the launch of the National Academy of Medicines Grand Challenge in Health Longevity, which will distribute $25 million as part of its endeavors to, as one doctor puts it, end aging forever.弗兰德结交了一些诺奖得奖者,娱乐圈的知名人士例如歌蒂?韩和莫比,及其一些来源于的美国硅谷的亿万富豪如Google的牵头创始人斯维特兰娜?布林,她们一起抵制了由国家医科院的一项有关身心健康使用寿命的全局性科学研究,她们将在这里新项目上项目投资2500万来“青春永驻”。

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, at the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.贝宝企业和帕艾尔企业的牵头创始人约翰·泰尔报名参加于二零一六年7月21日在直播盒子克里夫兰举办的全国各地美国民主党交流会For the super rich in the life-extension community, its a small world. Brin, whose company has invested over $1 billion in a longevity lab called Calico (short for the California Life Company), is dating Nicole Shanahan, the founder of a patent-management business that will work with some of the National Academys biotech patents.在亿万富豪们的“长寿圈”中,所述行为仅仅冰山一角。布林的企业早就向一家起名叫Calico(加利福尼亚州生命企业的全名)的“长命试验室”项目投资高达10亿美金。他近期已经和专利管理业务流程的创始人尼克斯?沙哈娜进行见面,后面一种将和国家研究院协作处理一些生物科技专利权。

If all goes well, Brin wont age, either, or not past a certain point. Slowing or stopping that process is the current focus of biochemist Ned David, co-founder of Unity Biotechnology, who is 49 but, according to Friend, looks 30. The scientists youthfulness is part of his appeal, writes Friend.假如一切进度取得成功,布林可能衰老,或是,会提升某一年纪界限。生化学家奈德?彼得现阶段将其科学研究的关键放进缓解或中止细胞凋亡过程,兼任统一生物科技组织的牵头创始人,他尽管早就49岁了,但在弗兰德眼里,他看起来仅有三十岁罢了。


弗兰德写到,奈德的这类青春年少情况,也是他市场的需求的一部分。Investing in bio-tech breakthroughs is one way the super rich are trying to stay young and healthy indefinitely. Others in the community are settling for cryogenic freezing, in the hopes that they can be thawed once regenerative science has sufficiently advanced.亿万富豪们妄图青春永驻和享受无穷的身心健康的方式之一原是在生物科技层面项目投资。“长寿圈”里别人则偏重于于将她们的人体器官冷冻一起,直到重塑技术性充份发展趋势之时再次将其冻洁。

Alcor CEO Max More poses in front of the dewars安国企业的CEO马克思主义地铁站在作为储放在液态氮的杜瓦瓶前CNBC reported in 2016 that thousands of people around the world have put their trust, lives and fortunes into the promise of cryonics. At that point, at Alcors center in Scottsdale, Ariz., nearly 150 individuals had elected to preserve either their heads ($80,000) or their entire bodies ($200,000) in liquid nitrogen.二零一六年,美国电视广播财经频道直播曾一度报道“来源于全球的不计其数的大家都将她们的信赖,她们的生命及资产交到了超低温冷冻技术性”。就在那时候,安国企业位于俄亥俄州斯科茨代尔的管理中心投票表决了150人,将她们的头(80,000美金/人)或人体(200,000美金/人)用液态氮冷冻。If there is a way to solve death, as Friend puts it, whether through cryonics or gene therapies, a kind of vampirism in which Silicon Valley billionaires end up being sustained by young blood or more wholesome methods such as good nutrition and medicine, some combination of the above or perhaps an actual sorcerers stone, the next generation of well-funded alchemists is determined to find it.如同弗兰德常说,若“劝阻丧命”的方式了解不会有,无论是根据超低温冷冻還是基因疗法(即“吸血鬼症”,得了本病的富豪们最终只靠汲取新生力量来维持生命),亦或是应用更加全方位的方式,如摄入营养保健品或药品,资产充足的冰法一定能够找寻令人永生不死的技巧,它有可能是之上几类方式的人组,也是有可能是一块的确的魔法石。

As a 30-year-old start-up founder confidently tells Friend, The proposition that we can live forever is obvious. It doesnt violate the laws of physics, so we will achieve it.一位三十岁的公司创始人信心百倍地对弗兰德讲到:“大家想永生不死的意向不言而喻,它并不违反物理基本定律,因而是能够搭建的。